Breast Cancer & Cervical Cancer

BREAST AND CERVICAL CANCER – The Community Wellness Project (CWP) received a small grant to provide Breast and Cervical Cancer information titled “Stand Against Cancer” Initiative.  This statewide Illinois Department of Public Health initiative was created to ensure that African American and Hispanic women, regardless of their health circumstances or ability to pay, have access to basic information and preventative screening services to identify breast and cervical cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages.  CWP has been able to provide hundreds of women with this vital information and referral services in the southern Illinois region and with the support of the community and other service providers have reach those women who are under-served rural African American and Hispanic women whom suffer from these diseases at disproportionate rates. These presentations were presented in both English and Spanish, and the presentations were ongoing from January through June 2013.

This project was funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health, Center for Minority Health Services – Contract 30180066A-PBC#13-76843