Focus on Youth

youthcwpFocus On Youth with ImPACT

The Community Wellness Project has received state funding to implement a HIV‐prevention program called Focus on Youth with ImPACT. We welcome groups of ten to fifteen adolescents between the ages of 12 to 15 years of age. Friend groups are encouraged to participate and multiple groups are available within an organization.  Each group meets weekly for 8 weeks to focus on decision making, goal setting, communication skills, and information about avoiding HIV infection, unintended pregnancy and drug use. The program goals are constructed to keep our youth off the streets and involved in positive activities that promote self -efficacy and meticulous decision making skills, and also have a parent component that fosters an open relationship between parent and child. To make a booking or for further information regarding the Focus on Youth with ImPACT project, please call (314) 421-9600 or email us at