Greetings from The Community Wellness Project:

 The Community Wellness Project is a non-profit community based healthcare organization that promotes community wellness through education, prevention, and resources, with particular regard for diverse cultural and racial minorities who are under-served and under-represented in the United States and its associate territories with offices located in the St. Louis and Illinois regions. 

 The Community Wellness Project addresses the following health disparities affecting those populations: HIV/AIDS/STDs; Coronary Artery Disease; Substance Abuse; Mental Health Disorders; Kidney Disease; Diabetes; Obesity; Lupus and Hepatitis A-F.

 The Community Wellness Project serves persons from racial and ethnic communities including: women and youth not in HIV care and treatment, heterosexual men and women, men who have sex with men, substance users, incarcerated individuals and their families and under-represented at-risk communities. Our targeted populations are low-income minority individuals, many of whom live below the poverty level and have limited literacy skills. Clients of The Community Wellness Project benefit from our culturally sensitive and client-centered approach to service delivery.

The Community Wellness Projectalso serves as a resource for providing Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) to community based and AIDS service organizations in the content areas of:  Intervention Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. CBA focuses on maintaining and increasing the infrastructural systems and resources necessary to support interventions, and enhance the abilities of key personnel to plan and implement interventions and activities. Capacity building also focuses on the development of core competencies, or skills of individuals in both organizations and communities to more effectively deliver HIV prevention services, and to sustain and support infrastructure for HIV programs.

 Representing The Community Wellness Project are: Dana P. Williams, Eddie BurgosTravis Winston and Delphia A. Johnson. Collectively, these individuals have over sixty-five years of education, experience and expertise in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and prevention case management, evaluation and program planning and implementation on a local and national level. Members of the staff of The Community Wellness Project are nationally certified American Red Cross HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention Instructors and Instructor Trainers, and Missouri and Illinois certified HIV/AIDS counselors and testers.