Youth Empowerment Program (YEP)

What is Yep?

A 3 month STD/HIV education, awareness and prevention program designed specifically for African American youth ages 13-18. Designed to empower youth to make healthier decisions regarding sexual health while addressing social and cultural issues and co-factors that increase the risk for HIV/STD Infection.

Program Goals:  To help youth develop a common knowledge and skillset for sharing information regarding STDs, HIV/AIDS, reduce stigma and promote risk reduction alternatives through peer education.

Course Goals:

Enhance knowledge on STDs, HIV/AIDS and other health disparities
Understand how high-risk behaviors are linked to HIV infection and STDs
Develop facilitation skills to share information
Successfully deliver one- hour presentations to provide HIV/STD prevention education to peers

Benefits of Participation:
Enhance knowledge on STDs, HIV/AIDS and other health disparities
Receive Volunteer/Community Service Credit Hours
Enhance knowledge on STDs, HIV/AIDS and other health disparities
Become a BASUAH Ambassador for IDPH!

Twitter: @youthhavepower

BASUAH Ambassadors

Who can be a BASUAH Ambassador?

A BASUAH Ambassador is a peer educator – someone from within a group (such as a social or age group), who can deliver information that is understood, accepted and acted upon by members within the group. Peer educators are sensitive to community norms, values, cultural beliefs and traditions. They are trusted by the group they serve and act as role models to the clients they serve.


Serve as BASUAH Ambassador for the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Take a required IDPH BASUAH online training course and contribute monthly to an online forum.

Conduct outreach activities in one or more of the following ways:

Promote and reinforce safe behavior by providing health education information to persons who are at high risk for HIV infection.

Distribute risk reduction information and materials throughout the community.

Facilitate meetings/workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness and provide information on available testing and counseling centers.  Share your ideas and activities on the BASUAH Online Forum.

To participate download and submit the form below.

Youth Empowerment Program Consent Form