Eddie Burgos

Cwp_staffEdwin Burgos

Co-Founder/Director of Outreach Services

Responsibilities and certifications include but not limited to: Coordination of Counseling Testing & Referral Services (CTRS), Substance Abuse/HIV/STI’s/Hep-C counseling, testing and prevention education. Trained in and provide technical assistance on several Effective Behavioral Interventions (EBI’s). I have designed implemented and/or facilitating workshops, seminars, various support groups, and educational trainings on HIV/AIDS/ Substance Abuse prevention education with particular regard to at high risk individuals and those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS/Other STI’s and Hep-C in English and Spanish.
I am a representative in our community. I am a member of several community advisory groups that have a direct effect on individuals who are Substance Abusers and are at high risk for acquiring HIV/STD’s and Hep-C. My experience in these particular disciplines expands over 20 years. May our services continue to improve life for the individuals we serve.